We’re Matt and Ty

A little about us…

We met at West Virginia University in 2014. How? Well that’s an interesting story. See, Ty worked at a restaurant on campus in the food court and Matt had taken notice, but had a hard time striking up a conversation with her. Instead, he decided to enter a dance competition being held in the middle of the food court (in clear view of Ty’s restaurant), where everyone on campus could see. Because that definitely doesn’t take as much guts as talking to a girl.

Ty noticed the dance competition as she was leaving work that day and stayed to watch. Matt was a finalist, so Ty took a video of his silly dance moves. She still doesn’t know why. Fast forward to after the competition had ended (Matt came in 2nd) and Ty was talking to her friend and her friend’s friend, who just so happened to know Matt. He found out about Ty’s video, asked to send it to himself, gave her phone back with his contact information in it, and the rest is history.

Sort of.

Matt went home to Texas two months later and then transferred to the University of North Georgia the following fall. So, after two months of dating, we started our long distance relationship. We’ve been traveling between West Virginia, Texas, Georgia, and many other places in between ever since.

Ty graduated from WVU in 2016 and now works in the financial industry, helping people navigate the world of money and how to take care of it. She went to school for finance, but also earned a degree in Chinese Studies. In 2015, she studied abroad in China for a semester and discovered her love of traveling and learning about other cultures.

Matt is currently studying biology at UNG and is involved in numerous research projects on and off campus. He often gets to travel to his university’s research facility on Sapelo Island, Georgia and even got to go on a research trip to Belize in the summer of 2016 to begin work on several publications. His passion is exploring the living world and experiencing the nuances nature has to offer.

Both of us have a slight obsession with food and traveling has been at the core of our relationship since we started dating. Although we want to travel as much as possible, we still want to be *responsible* and save for our futures.

Join us as we find adventures near and far, navigate our long distance relationship, and share our love through food. ♥

Edit: Our long distance relationship is officially over!